Fave Five Friday #24

by | Jun 12, 2020 | Music, Top 5

Welcome to another edition of Fave Five Friday, just one more to go until we celebrate the milestone of 25! As usual, we have some great new tracks for your listening pleasure. We’ve included a Spotify playlist of all 5 tracks below.

EFÉ – Seven

Originally released under the name ‘Anita‘ on June 7th 2019, ‘Seven‘ has been remastered and re-released exactly one year later.

EFÉ is a lo-fi / RnB artist from Dublin; her debut EP is due later this summer.

Also check out her other new track ‘Girl 4 U


Jords – Black & Ready

At WLO HQ over the past few weeks, we have been listening, learning and standing with the Black Lives Matter movement. We are taking time to educate ourselves and listen to how we can do better.

Croydon songwriter Jords speaks better than we ever could. His new track ‘Black & Ready‘ is (to use his own lyrics) both ‘beautiful’ and ‘power’.

Lil Baby also released a track (The Bigger Picture) this week shining light on these issues.

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Liz Lawrence – ‘Hope (Or Something Like It)’

Our favourite Liz announced yesterday that she would be releasing a new track! “I’ve got some new music coming out tomorrow, written in the first week of lockdown and rolling out into a strange and changing world. Hope you’re all coping ok.”

We last featured one of Lawrence’s tracks (California Screaming) back in FFF #14.

Liz Lawrence‘s 2019 album ‘Pity Party‘ was one of my favourite albums last year.

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Dan D’Lion – Superwoman

Firstly, what a name – Dan D’Lion!

Dan D’Lion is the solo project of Dan Bartlett, put together at his studio in Hoxton.

Having only launched his solo career in late 2019 after spending many years writing music for other artists, ‘Superwoman‘ is his 2nd single of 2020.

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Drug Store Romeos – Quotations for Locations

Trio Drug Store Romeos annouced their new track ‘Quotations for Locations‘ on Twitter last week whilst also revealing details of their first headline show this November. The track was debuted on Beats 1 by Matt Wilkinson, a nice way to intro the song to the world!

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