Fave Five Friday #25

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Music, Top 5

25 today! Happy milestone day to us.

Fave Five Friday has always been about discovering new artist, over the past 10 months since FFF #1 we have discovered some incredible new artists that are on our personal playlists today. Artist like Liz Lawrence, Matt Maltese, The Boston Shakers, Edie Bens, Spanish Love Songs and Josie Man.

We want to take this discovery further and so from today we are going to focus on relatively unknown acts. Our benchmark for this will be Spotify ‘Monthly Listeners’; we will aim to feature artists under 250,000 monthly listeners. There will of course be exceptions to this – we love writing about our favourite acts ever (IDLES, Bright Eyes, Tom Rosenthal), but you get the idea.

As usual you can skip to the bottom for the full Spotify playlist of all five tracks.

Creeper – Be My End

Immediatly I’m thinking MCR, but with something else that I just don’t know what it is – but I love it! I really love it.

Be My End‘ is the 4th single off of Creeper‘s new album Sex, Death and The Infinite Void – out 31st July.

This video is wild! Like a Frank Miller graphic novel.

Website | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify Montly Listeners – 205,000

Ben Kidson – Heaven

Newly bleached blonde haired boy Ben Kidson releases new track ‘Heaven‘, following up on FFF #8 featured track ‘Delicate‘ earlier this year.

Ben also appeared in FFF #5, we like him! 🤷‍♂️

Instagram | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify Montly Listeners – 15,000

BETSY – Behind Her Smile

Welsh singer/songwirter BETSY releases her first single of the year ‘Behind Her Eyes‘. Announcing the track on her instagram account she commented that she was – “So excited! This song is really close to my heart.”

A powerfully unique voice.

Instagram | YouTube | Facebook | Spotify Montly Listeners – 56,000

Dream Wife – Temporary

Pop/Punk trio Dream Wife release catchy new single ‘Temporary‘ from their forthcoming album ‘So When You Gonna‘ out 3rd July.

The band said on social media that “Temporary – is a song about about having hope despite multiple waves of difficulties.” You can read the full story of this new track on their Facebook page.

Instagram | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify Montly Listeners – 81,000

Josie Man

We Like Oliver favourite Josie Man is back with ‘Just Me‘, having already been featured in FFF #15 with debut single ‘Colours‘. Josie is getting a love for this new track.

Instagram | YouTube | Twitter | Spotify Montly Listeners – 88,000

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