Fave Five Friday #26

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Music, Top 5

From a very hot WLO HQ, we bring you this weeks Fave Five Friday. Our top five new tracks from new and emerging artists.

As ever, get to the bottom of the page for the Spotify playlist of all this week’s tracks.

The Soundflowers – Geronimo

Paris Jackson is probably trying to keep her name seperate from that of her father’s in an effort to let her music shine through, rather than the legacy of her legendary father.

Going by the name of PK Dragonfly, her band The Soundflowers with boyfriend Gabriel Glenn released their debut self-titled EP this week.

The big question is – is it good? The answer is – absolutely.

Our pick – Geronimo.

Good work Dragonfly.

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Willie J Healey – Fashun

Fashum is the latest single off of Willie J Healey‘s second album ‘Twin Heavy‘ – out August 7th.

A great catchy track with lots of summer notes.

To save your ears, we cut out the screams at the start of Healey‘s official music video.

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Tayo Sound – Cold Feet

Tayo Oyekan aka Tayo Sound releases his debut single ‘Cold Feet‘. Leaving school at 16, Tayo started busking full time to save enough to buy equipment to make his demos. Hailing from Reading the 18 year old will shortly be releasing an EP.

At just 2:52, ‘Cold Feet‘ is a perfectly crafted pop track. Keep your ear out for the name Tayo Sound.

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THUMPER – Topher Grace

If Courtney Barnett‘s ‘Pedestrian at Best‘ turned into an all male indie band, you would have THUMPER and ‘Topher Grace‘.

There must be something in the water in Dublin at the moment, we are getting an insane amount of talent coming out of that city in 2020.

Keep on thumping THUMPER.

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Nadine Shah – Club Cougar

Nadine Shah today released her fourth album ‘Kitchen Sink‘, following the release of new single ‘Club Cougar‘ early this week.

The track examines women dating men younger than them. Speaking to DIYShah observed – “There’s many names for a woman who dates a younger man,” she explains. “Can you think of any examples of names given to men that date younger women? (Without listing off reams of Hollywood actors!). Much of this album is about contradiction. This song is especially.”

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Missed off our list by one – Another Sky – ‘Fell In Love With The City

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