Fave Five Friday #27

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Music, Top 5

From a very hot WLO HQ, we bring you this weeks Fave Five Friday. Our top five new tracks from new and emerging artists.

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Barnaby Bright // In the Bleak Midwinter

The Kansas based folk/Americana duo, Barnaby Bright today release their new Christmas album ‘Bleak Midwinter‘, an 11 track album filled with both original and covers of their favourite Christmas songs.

On the album they have collaborated with three other well known American artists in Calvin Arsenia, Liz Longley and Caleb Hawley. There really is something for everyone in the album to listen to whilst preparing for as they describe a bleak winter ahead, as we all prepare for another lockdown in the era of Covid.

The lead title track ‘In The Bleak Midwinter‘ is a stand out song for us, it has such an interesting structure and turns from a light to a darker almost bond-esq tone towards it’s climax. Becky Bliss‘ voice throughout really is a spectacle, there is so much richness and control.

Bring Me The Horizon // Teardrops

The boys from Sheffield have released their third body of work in two years, making them what we reckon are the most hard working artists in the world right now. POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR is the first of a 4 part EP all themed around how humanity is going through the apocalypse. Survival Horror has a focus on protesting against the lockdown.

Teardrops is the most recent single they are pushing, a dark and heavy single that is more reminiscent of their albums ”That’s The Spirit” and ”Itch For The Cure”, whilst it still has the electronic tones of ”Amo”.

Bright Eyes with Phoebe Bridgers // Miracle of Life

Following on from their latest studio album ‘Down In The Weeds, Where The World Once Was’ – Bright Eyes release a “protest song of sorts” titled ‘Miracle of Life’.

‘Miracle of Life’ sees Conor Oberst team up once again with Phoebe Bridgers. The pair last collaborated on an album last year under the name ‘Better Oblivion Community Centre’. Since BOCC, Bridgers has gone from strength to strength in terms of popularity currently pushing close to 4,000,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

On ‘Miracle of Life’, Conor recently said this in a press conference:

This song should not exist in 2020 America. It is a protest song, I guess. Or maybe just a little story about what was, what still is in many parts of the world and what could be again here in this country if the GOP is successful in reshaping the Supreme Court and rolling back all of the hard fought progress made for reproductive rights in the last 50 years. Hopefully, if we all work together and vote, it will make this song sound as irrelevant and outdated as it should.

Conor Oberst

Pave The Jungle // The Hissing (EP)

The Newcastle based band Pave The Jungle release their EP ‘The Hissing‘. A great blend of indie rock with punk guitars. Female led, reminiscent of The Big Moon but a lot harder hitting, we are really digging it.

This is one hell of a debut, the musicianship on display is of a very high calibre, coupled up with the strong vocals and songwriting, I think these guys and girl have huge potential. I think the band are dancing around finding their true identity, but it’s safe to say that they are definitely ones to watch out for. 

To think that these guys only formed a year ago, and how far they have come with their sound. It’s been such a shame that live music has been stopped this year, or else I think they would be established in the music scene. I expect to see them smashing the festival scene, once it gets back to some sense of normality, they are the exact kind of band that I miss getting sweaty to.

Robin and the Goblins // Cyclone Season

The Baroque-Pop Spanish born, Berlin based artist formerly known as Goblin Prince, has re-established themselves as Robin and the Goblins. Today they release their debut single ‘Cyclone Season‘, a 5 and a half minute epic staying true to the previous form of having a wide spread of unconventional instrumentation; panpipes, timpanis and flutes.

The lyrics have a dark tone, but are very visual; ”A thousand rugby players walking out of the corn, they’ve been dead for years…” Robin speaks of how they wrote the song during self imposed isolation, and speaking of the chaotic scenes outside being almost of a cyclone.

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