Fave Five Fridays #15

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Music, Top 5

BL Bex – ‘There’s The Way’

To start things off this week, we have an electronic duo based in Cambridge. BL Bex consists of Bob Cozens, a former club DJ and now professional Sound Designer, along with Lexie Green, a well-respected Country artist who has been supported by BBC Radio 2 legendary host Bob Harris.There’s The Way is a very original piece of music, with a groovy beat and an array of state-of-the-art sounds swirling around in the background. You can find their work via on Soundcloud (link below).

For fans of: Chvrches & Goldfrapp

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The Strange Days – ‘Cold Shoulder’

Next up, we have the latest raucous single from the post-gutter rock champions known affectionately as The Strange Days.

Cold Shoulder presents the tale of a suffering fashionista and his maltreated digestive system. Through this unfortunate, yet charming, individual’s narrative, the lyrics discuss some of the self-destructive habits of those unquestioning followers of fashion. The track displays a mix of rock ‘n’ roll melody, classic punk energy and pharmaceutical remedies. The Strange Days humbly present this fast-paced, catchy single for your listening pleasure.

For fans of: The Libertines & The Kinks

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Tom Rosenthal – ‘157’

Arguably Tom Rosenthal’s most beautiful song to date. ‘157‘ is reminiscent of Queens ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. This 11 minute modern masterpiece deliveries on so many levels. Featuring vocals from recent social media star – Fenn Rosenthal (Dinosaurs in Love), 157 is a piece of work that crosses both the pop and indie genres. With stunning piano and violin ensembles, Rosenthal captures the true essence of counting beyond the number one-hundred. Reaching 124, Tom enters his rock and roll phase before finishing with a choir of divine vocals to end this soon to be classic piece of music.

For fans of: Billie Marten, Matthew And The Atlas & Mighty Oaks

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Josh Savage – ‘Skinny Dipping’

Josh Savage last week released a new album ‘The Long Way Round’. The lead single ‘Skinny Dipping’ is the penultimate track in our Fave Fives list this week.

Racking up 200,000 Spotify plays already, which is no small accomplishment and it’s well deserved with the hooks throughout the song.

For fans of: Amistat, Sam Garrett & Charlie Cunningham

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Liz Lawrence – ‘California Screaming’

Liz Lawrence comes back at us again with another fantastic track out today called ‘California Screaming’, and we love it. This one will be another that reaches the radio airwaves as it’s more upbeat than a lot of her album ‘Pity Party’, released late in 2019. The continuous rhythm throughout this one is truly infectious.

More of this please Liz! Love it. Also a special shout out for becoming Olly’s pen pal and sending him a lovely picture of your dog, you rock!

For fans of: Rae Morris, Lucy Rose and The Big Moon

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