Fave Five Fridays – 15th November 2019

by | Nov 15, 2019 | Music, Top 5

Billie Eilish – everything i wanted

‘Everything I wanted’ is a window into the 17-year old’s new headspace, giving the listener an insight into her life now, her fame has propelled since her debut studio album ‘When we all fall asleep, where do we go?’ was released earlier this year.  Billie uses the song as a platform to talk about the issues with fame: “Everybody wants something from me now / And I don’t wanna let ‘em down.”

This topic is often outdated with so many artists touching on the matter however, Billie does it in a tasteful way that makes you position yourself in her shoes. The singer recently told Annie Mac that when your life changes rapidly, it’s important to keep those that have been with you since day one around.

Eli Musser – Apalachicola Blue

‘Apalachicola Blue’ is the third single from Eli Musser, that holds an easy melody that will make you captivated by the story behind the finger-picking pattern that forms the basis of the song. Eli recently sat down with Billboard to explain the story behind his latest single: “I was in Florida, on St. George Island, with a now ex-girlfriend, and found out the hard way I’m allergic to yellowjackets. My girlfriend very calmly put me in the car, and we’re headed there, and I have no idea what’s going to happen, if I’m going to black out or what. It was a totally surreal drive across this bridge, wondering if I’m going to make it, if I’m going to be in anaphylaxis by the time I get to the emergency room. None of that happened, but that’s the emotional content there.”

To read more about Eli Musser’s ‘Apalachicola Blue’ go to: http://blbrd.cm/tErneQ

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Easy Life & Arlo Parks – Sangria

Following on from the success of ‘Nice Guys’, Easy Life have released their new single ‘Sangria’ which gives us a taste of their forthcoming mixtape ‘Junk Food’ that is set to release on 17th January. The soulful vocals of Murray accompanied with the captivating guitar work from Lewis Berry provides us with a song that it is hard not to move too. However, the deeper message hidden by the bright production creates some sort of paradox. With Easy Life frontman Murray stating: “Lyrically ‘Sangria’ is about emotional dependency, and missing someone bitterly. Even though sometimes the triggers that remind you of someone aren’t always healthy, these are often still the most potent and desirable. It’s a love song in its rawest form yet contains undertones of something slightly sinister. Arlo is able to express this delicate paradox with me and she is the only person I can imagine sharing this sentiment with so perfectly.”

Josie Man – Colours

The debut single from South London artist Josie Man draws upon the negativity she faced from the way she looks and dresses stemming from her time in Hong Kong and Orpington. Clash calls ‘Colours’ a “Songwriting shot through with vivid colour”. It is a moment for precocious pop talent to redefine new territories with the artist stating: “This is my debut single, ‘Colours’ and this song is very special to me as it’s about people not accepting who I am, what I stand for, how I choose to express myself and how people, in everyday life, should be kinder and more open minded. I came up with the treatment by taking from my real life experiences of people laughing at me and what I wear, and I turned it into something more playful.”

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Jaz Karis – Bad Memories

Jaz Karis has some stories to tell in her latest single ‘Bad Memories’ taken from her second EP, ‘Summer Stories’. With her soothing vocals often being compared to Jorja Smith and Mahalia, I hope that Jaz Karis soon gets the recognition she deserves. The experimental blend of soul and jazz that pours out of ‘Bad Memories’ keeps you listening till the very end, and with a hook as catchy as this one it explains why I have been listening to it all day!

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