Fave Five Fridays #20

by | May 15, 2020 | Music, Top 5

The Reddest of Lights – ‘Turn And Climb’

The Reddest of Lights are a London-based group that we came across while browsing Soundcloud. The trio, Jim, Ben and Tim have been posting an array of new material over the past month, and we picked out ‘Turn and Climb’ as our favourite from the bunch. It opens with a solo acoustic guitar, and some delicate backing vocals that just gradually drift in and out. Once the main vocal and additional guitar take their place and join, everything remains consistent throughout, keeping a really chilled out feel. We love that you can hear each and every pluck and strum from the guitars so clearly, meaning there’s no need for the clutter of percussion instruments. The guitars provide enough rhythm already in the mix for you to latch on to!

I must say we don’t know too much else about these guys, other than that they have plenty of tunes for you to check out, so we’ll link their Soundcloud below so you can head over there and give them some love.

For fans of: Peter Wolf Crier, The Verve & Richard Ashcroft

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Gorillaz – ‘How Far? (Feat. Tony Allen & Skepta)’

Our next pick comes from the massive virtual band that is Gorillaz, fronted by Brit-pop legend, Damon Albarn. These guys have released some huge hits since their formation in the late 90’s, however their track we introduce to you today has been written as a tribute to the late legendary Nigerian drummer, Tony Allen. Tony had an illustrious career in music spanning over 50 years, and is best known as co-founder of the genre, Afrobeat.

Tony was a frequent collaborator alongside Gorillaz, and they were able to get the majority of this track recorded before both the Coronavirus outbreak and Tony’s sudden passing. Also featuring alongside the Afrobeat pioneer is British grime artist Skepta. Together with Gorillaz, they have created a superb accolade to Tony’s achievements, his contributions to the music industry, and the inspiration he gave many artists.

For fans of: Jeru The Damaja, Blur & Frank Ocean

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Jess Fitz – ‘Saturday Night’

London-based singer-songwriter Jess Fritz drops a really chill, soulful number with her latest release, ‘Saturday Night‘. The track is full of percussion which comes in the form of snaps and shakers, and is gradually joined by Nile Rodgers-esque guitar and the grooviest of bass lines. This all creates a super funky feel, but what truly caught our attention was Jess’ incredibly smooth vocals that just own it!

Jess has received support from BBC Introducing amongst other well known radio stations, so is without a doubt an artist we will be keeping a close eye on over the next couple of years.

We must also add that while in isolation, Jess has created an awesome YouTube video (shown below) performing this very track live from quarantine. It’s brilliantly recorded and introduces you to a number of the session musicians who play with her on a regular basis. It’s brilliant content that you should all check out while also stuck at home.

For fans of: Amy Winehouse & Dua Lipa

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Swimmers Jackson – ‘Lose Myself’

Penultimately, we have decided to include ‘Lose Myself’, a track taken from Swimmers Jackson‘s latest album release, ‘Murmuration’.

The London-based songwriter who goes by the name Niall Jackson, has written this track about ‘the desire to disappear and come back renewed by both exciting and frightening experiences’. This is something a number of us can relate to, growing stronger as a result of the experiences we have and people we meet in life.

You can order a copy of ‘Murmuration‘ via Bandcamp, and visit his Twitter feed for general Jackson updates!

For fans of: Joe Chester & Jape

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The Streets – ‘Where The F*&K Did April Go?’

Our final pick this Friday comes from The Streets, or as many know him, Mike Skinner. Having recently collaborated on a track with Australian multi-instrumentalist Tame Impala, this number ‘Where The F*&k Did April Go?’ will be the B side track.

While chatting with NME, Skinner was quoted saying that the writing process for this track was similar to that of chatting to a therapist. It has allowed the rapper to air all frustrations related to the recent coronavirus outbreak, and the limitations the pandemic has created.

While this track has joined the Tame Impala collab as a B-side, it is not expected to feature on Skinner’s up and coming mixtape, ‘None Of Us Are Getting Out of This Life Alive’. The mixtape is due to release July 10th on all platforms, so keep your eyes peeled!

For fans of: Slothai, Jorja Smith & Disclosure

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