Fave Five Fridays #21

by | May 22, 2020 | Music, Top 5

IDLES – ‘Mr Motivator’

To kick things off, our first pick comes from full-time banger makers, ‘IDLES’. ‘Mr. Motivator’ is their first single of 2020, and presumably an introduction to their upcoming third album.

This track is full of lyrical genius, which is nothing new from the Bristolians, and it would be well worth your time to sing along – https://genius.com/Idles-mr-motivator-lyrics. Frontman, Joe Talbot’s continuous energy has laid the groundwork for another incredible album. Their performance at Glastonbury 2019 was potentially the best show we’ve ever seen, and we cannot wait until we can see this number performed live too.

For fans of: Slaves, Sleaford Mods & Shame

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Tom Rosenthal – ‘Hope (Acoustic)’

Tom Rosenthal makes a return to our Fave Five Fridays, this time with an acoustic version of his track ‘Hope‘. Everything about this release is super soothing, even the artwork!

The piece opens with the sound of tweeting birds, and is joined by acoustic guitar and the soft vocals from both Tom and featured artist, Lizzy McAlpine. Together, their voices create a truly beautiful sound.

For fans of: Charlie Cunningham & Roo Panes

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kamau kuru – ‘Hello?’

Camden-based hip-hop producer, kamau kuru has recently put out his latest EP, ‘Hello?’. This track is introduced by a muffled vocal sample, reading “Hello Bombay, this is London calling”. This immediately leads in to the main body of the track, where we can clearly hear elements of Indian music, certainly in the form of grouped vocals, and possibly a sitar. Accompanied by kamau kuru‘s tight production, the combination of clean bass and drums with the Bombay sounds, shape a really unique piece of music and something we can definitely jam to.

While there isn’t too much info about this guy online, you can go and check out his Facebook page (link below), and follow him to remain up to date regarding his future releases.

For fans of: J Dilla & edbl

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Desmerelda – ‘Welcome to the Establishment’

The energetic 3-piece Desmerelda come at us with their latest offering, ‘Welcome to the Establishment’. This single contains catchy riffs, rapid drumming and some really sound production. Fuelled with fuzzy guitars, ‘Welcome to the Establishment’ is described by the boys as “a two and a half minute ride of punky goodness”, good enough for me!

The boys have even caught the attention of multiple radio stations, notably BBC Introducing’s Abby McCarthy who referred to their sound as “riffy goodness‘. Go and check them out via their socials, links provided below!

For fans of: IDLES & Slaves

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Akin Soul – ‘I Want You’

The final pick this week comes from jazz-soul multi-instrumentalist, Akin Soul. We discovered this young talent on Spotify, and immediately began checking out more of his work, especially after seeing the array of huge names he’s taken influence from.

For a young guy who has not been on the scene long, this track sounded incredibly tight, with really smooth, mature sounding vocals from the main man. He has shown his ability to blend genres with ease, and it’s truly impressive. You can clearly hear the influence from the likes of Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, fusing together the components of soul and R&B.

For fans of: MNEK, Kwabs & Marvin Gaye

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