Fave Five Fridays #23

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Music, Top 5

Katy J Pearson – ‘Fare Thee Well Miss Carousel’

Our favourite Bristolian is back with her new tune ‘Take Back the Radio‘, and it’s in keeping with her ability to write incredibly catchy tunes. Her unique vocal shines through once again, accompanied by her classic crisp guitar.

While her band Ardyn are on pause, we have not been let down by her turning away from the sublime ‘pop noir’ sound of our favourite band. Katy is carving out a name for herself, signing to Heavenly Recordings and having toured the UK before lockdown with the ilk of Cas McCombs and Pinegrove. This week she also released an EP of covers; featuring old classics like ‘Wichita Lineman (Glen Campbell)’ and ‘For What It’s Worth (Buffalo Springfield‘. It’s available to stream and purchase on her Bandcamp page now.

For Fans Of: Ardyn & Sinead O Brien

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Matt Maltese – ‘Queen Bee’

While still in his early twenties, South London-based Matt Maltese has released two albums to date – 2018’s ‘Bad Contestant’ and 2019’s ‘Krystal’. His latest track ‘queen bee’ is the first single from the forthcoming six-track EP ‘madhouse’. Having just signed to Nettwerk, ‘madhouse’ is due for release on August 7th.

Speaking to Nettwerk about ‘queen bee’, Maltese said: “It’s a song about the notion of finding ‘true love’, and being doubtful yet persistently and annoyingly hopeful. It’s a song that sort of speaks to your future lover with equal parts cynicism and soppiness.”

For Fans Of: Adam Melchor & Isaac Gracie

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To Kill A King – ‘Graduate’s Escape’ (Demo)

Continuing their ‘The King is Dead, Long Live the King‘ retrospective, To Kill A King have released a demo of track ‘Graduate’s Escape‘. The band stated via social media that – “Graduate’s Escape didn’t quite make it onto ‘Cannibals With Cutlery’ but was a regular in our early live sets.”

This retrospective from the band is to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. TKAK are releasing 1 track a month for 10 months. Talking about the tracks, the band said “These will all be tracks never released, although some of our loyal patreons maybe remember them. They were never considered to go together in the same way as our other releases, each one is an independent snap shot of a time and should be seen as such.”

Lead singer Ralph Pelleymounter (featured in FFF #7) is currently hosting his own weekly music show ‘Slow Sunday Sessions‘ on Instagram. Go and give it some attention if you’re a keen!

For Fans Of: The Maccabees & Dry the River

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Jack J Tustin – ‘Q&A’

Our penultimate pick comes from Cambridge-based singer-songwriter, Jack J Tustin. Jack is a versatile musician with immense ability, playing guitar, bass, keys and providing vocals too. It seems he’s been pretty productive while in isolation, and has produced a song and video that tells a story about lockdown.

Q&A‘ is sweet track which sums up life in lockdown, the activities that keep us busy while we simultaneously count down the days until we can be reunited with loved ones. There will be plenty of people who can relate to this number, seeing similarities to their lives currently, and sharing mutual frustration at this time. Accompanying the music, Jack along with friends has created an amazing video with illustrations that come to life. Those who have contributed to the production and animation can be found via YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dClzjeeRUk. Keep up to date with Jack’s work by checking out his socials, we’re sure he’ll be busy post-coronavirus.

For Fans Of: Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen & The Beatles

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simmerdown – ‘rose-tinted’

To round things off this week, we bring you new music from Cornwall-based producer, simmerdown. She takes heavy influence from Hip-Hop, and fuses elements of old school rap instrumentals, sampling culture & underground dance music. Her latest track ‘rose-tinted’ builds in layers, then occasionally dissolves back down to allow a lone sound to control the track.

Throughout the mix, the mysterious, stretching chords and main beat definitely create a similar vibe to Four Tet. That’s as good a compliment as any. It appears simmerdown has fairly limited social media, but you can keep up to date with her activity via Instagram, and give her music some time over on Bandcamp and Spotify, links provided below.

For Fans Of: Four Tet, J Dilla & Bonobo

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