Fave Five Fridays – 30th August 2019

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Music, Top 5

Hey Guys! Here’s another segment of Fave Five Fridays.

This week, we have two features from some of our own artists!

1. Goblin Prince — Full Moon Fever

The Berlin based Baroque-Pop artist delights us with his new single ‘Full Moon Fever’. The song tells the story of “wild child” Goblin Prince, who is feeling the affects of the full moon and his attempt to blend in with humanity. The song is accompanied with a wonderful string section, adding to the drama and intensity of the song.

Full Moon Fever by Goblin Prince

2. Eli Musser — Die To Be With You

The second single from Eli Musser, ‘Die To Be With You’ is a guitar driven uptempo song where he shares his excitement of a love that is “heaven on Earth’.

For fans of Jellyfish and Ben Folds Five.

Die To Be With You by Eli Musser

3. Post Malone — Circles

The beautifully written new single ‘Circles’ by Post Malone is quite deceiving at first listen. The music is nice & upbeat however when you pay attention to the lyrics, it actually tells the story of a failed relationship 🙁

Check it out below:

Circles by Post Malone

4. TLSL (Stitches) — Lava La Rue

West London Queen Lava La Rue provides us with another banger that is true to her roots. This is just ahead of the release of her new mixtape Stitches. The music video (featured below) is true to her authentic artistry & friendship with her friends in Nine 8 collective, who also feature in the video. The song is lighthearted and exactly the vibe needed as summer draws to a close.

5. Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You) — Bombay Bicycle Club

We’ve all been there before. So in love that you can’t help but think of the person every single point of your existence. Or is that just me? I’m sure fans of Bombay Bicycle Club have felt the same way for them after their 5 year hiatus! The song is a pop-teen synth fantasy.

Check it out:

Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You) by Bombay Bicycle Club

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