Fave Five Fridays #7

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Music, Top 5

Ralph Pelleymounter – I Love You Most When I’m Hungover

Ralph Pelleymounter the singer of the internationally acclaimed band – To Kill A King releases another song ‘I Love You Most When I’m Hungover’ and we love it. It’s charming and resonates with us on a level that scares us with it’s invasiveness of our minds.

Reminding us of those Sunday afternoons, waking up next to your partner hungover and arguing who is going to make that first cup of coffee with the line – ‘Bring me coffee, bring me kisses’.

The Assist – I Don’t Care

‘I Don’t Care’ immediately throws you into a vintage indie world reminding us of decades past act such as Hard-Fi and Pidgeon Detectives.

The band formed in 2014 and are Mikey Stanton, Ryan Stanton, Jorge Poole and Ben Faulkner. Based in Birmingham the band are gaining traction on the Birmingham Rock scene. They have also performed and a variety of festivals such as Reading & Leeds, TRNSMT, YNot and Kendal Calling.

Airport 85 – Tailspin

Tailspin reminds you of a dark dystopian future where nothing is quite right anymore.

In Airports 85’s own words their songs are ‘…about planes, ghosts, nuclear war, love and space.’

Bombay Bicycle Club – Racing Stripes

Bombay Bicycle Club release their new song Racing Stripes today, along with two other songs on a short run EP just in time for Christmas. 

Stand out track for us is ‘Everything Else Has Gone Wrong’, with that classic Bombay instrumentation and hooky repeating lyrics.

Racing Stripes is not going to find itself on any future Christmas compilations, but for the BBC fans they will be loving it whilst taking breaks from drunk Uncles and rambling Grandmothers after your 3rd helping of Christmas dinner.

Birthmarks – True Love Will Find You in the End

Birthmarks release a hauntingly beautiful cover of ‘True Love Will Find You In The End’ by Daniel Johnston following his passing in September this year. The band performed the cover live at The Bookhouse in London ahead of the release of their debut album ‘…And Then The Rain Stopped’ in 2020.

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