Fave Five Fridays #8

by | Jan 10, 2020 | Music, Top 5

‘I Love You Best’ – Rachael Travers

Rachael Travers voice come across beautifully in ‘I Love You Best’ and really pulls at the heart strings from the get go. Combined with the rhythmic guitar you get this powerful song that draws you in the more you listen.

Rachael is a London based singer/songwriter who infuses Country and Folk. She is currently gigging around London.

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‘The Reflection’ – Other States

‘The Reflection’ has this eerie sound that gives it this desirable sadness that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

If you like Jamaine Clement then you’re going to love these vocals.

Other States has a total of 6 members Mark S. Aaron, Mike Lord, Max Numerjiri, Cameron Dawson, Laura Brown and Lawrie Miller.

Hailing from Brighton the band describe their genre as “Cowboy Psych, Cinemascope, Human Experience, Dark Motown, Tape Crunch, Shadow Pop, Echoplex” – quite a unique sound we think.

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‘The Man Who Sold The World’ – David Bowie

Local Bromley boy – David Bowie has released a new single from beyond the grave. ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ was originally released November 1970 it has now been re-released for David’s 73 birthday which was on Wednesday 8th January. We lost David Bowie back in 2016 at age 69, on the 10th of January, just 2 days after his birthday and the release of his album ‘Blackstar’. We know its not quite a new song but we can’t help but share it as David Bowie has been such a big influence for everyone here at We Like Oliver.

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‘Hermit’ – Kate Stapley

Kate Stapley has this amazing innocence in her voice that beautifully accompanies the guitar and the background instruments.

Kate writes songs about mental health, family and being young. She describes her sound as “folk orientated sensibilities with a modern grasp on what it means to be a young person in today’s society”. This young lady is going places so be the first to follow her on her socials and more importantly her Spotify etc.

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‘Delicate’ – Ben Kidson

Ben Kidson starts 2020 as he left 2019 – releasing a string of strong tracks to add to his growing repertoire.

Kidson’s moody vocals on Delicate are beautiful and tragic at the same time giving the feeling of guilt and sadness.

We asked Ben about his song and he had this to say “This one was a 3am slightly drunk job. I was apologising for being aloof with somebody I knew had some issues. I never apologised properly to them because to this day I’m terrible at sincere conversation. I just wrote this song instead. This version was supposed to be a demo, it was gonna have like a lo-fi hip hop groove to it, but me and the producer (Soundman extrodinaire Patch Boshell) couldn’t find a way to improve it, so we just stuck with it the way it is, and I’m so glad we did.”

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