Fave Five Fridays #9

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Music, Top 5

Paul Lappin – ‘After The Rain’

Just last week, Swindon born singer-songwriter Paul Lappin released his latest single ‘After The Rain’, following on from his previous release ‘Life Was Good’. This incredibly uplifting track contains lyrics of hope and positivity, and showcases Paul’s versatility. The music video for this number shows his talent not only through singing and playing guitar, but also laying down the main beat on the drum kit, though he pulls upon the musicianship of others on the actual record. It’s only since moving to southern France that Paul has been so focused on song-writing. He told ‘Swindon Link’ that he enjoys “walking through the hills” and explained how nice it is to “have that isolation because it means I’ve been so focused on doing what I want.”

Fair play to him for this track, it’s very accomplished, and it’s clear why he’s picking up such great press from this release. ‘After The Rain’ is definitely worth a listen and we recommend adding it to your fresh music playlists.

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MF Tomlinson – ‘Last Days Of Rome’

It’s safe to say MF Tomlinson has really established himself in the live music scene, performing at various venues across London throughout 2019. Now following that success, he has just released his latest single ‘Last Days Of Rome’, now available to listen to via Spotify.

Discussing this release, the London-based artist said, “The seed of this song was formed many years ago – it’s made up of all the thoughts that whirl around in the back of our minds as we go about our days, haunted by the knowledge that this might be the end.” Here, he is referring to events taking place all over the world, such as the recent fires in his native country, Australia, and the Brexit chaos in the UK.

On Monday 30th March at ‘The Lexington’ in London, MF Tomlinson will be performing live to support this release. This is a must see show, where you can catch his combined sound of 1960’s soul with a distinct psych-rock feel.

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Spanish Love Songs – ‘Routine Pain’

We discovered this Philadelphia based band through an Instagram post, and it’s been a while since we have vibed with so much angst. Since the haydays of early Jimmy Eat World, and Something Corporate and the feelings that those songs ignited. ‘Routine Pain’ somehow hits that nostalgic note of being an emotional teen star gazing of dreams yet to unfold. It’s great to know that we still have side to us where we can still feel something.

The lyrics in this track speak of the troubles of mental health and depression. A tortured soul who is on a path of self destruction, ‘’Let me ruin my guts tonight’’ stuck in a situation of which he sees no escape and has resigned to it. A morbid topic indeed, yet with big powerful chords it adds a layer and dimension to get the “feels” juices flowing.

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Katy J Pearson – ‘Hey You’

The lead singer of one of our favourite bands ‘Ardyn’ releases another song under her own name. Another hook laden song, of which always seems so effortless with her songcrafting. The song comes in with a trippy playful synth sound that is instantaneously memorable, with the organic instrumentation throughout of the classic acoustic strumming that is paramount across Katy’s repertoire.

It’s Katy’s voice that is so unique and stands out throughout all of her work. The vibratro in her voice at the end of each phrase is so interesting, and the tone of her vocals is different from any voice we’ve heard.

‘Hey You’ adds another great song to her already outstanding collection. Love what Katy is doing, get down to see her in action soon before she blows up.

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The Strokes – ‘Bad Decisions’

The New York indie pioneers are back from their four years hiatus with their latest single ‘Bad Decisions’. While harkening back to their unrecognisable sound of the early 00’s, frontman Julian Caseblancas has a distortion on his vocal, giving it a 70’s vibe. The music video accompanying the single carries that 70’s vibe along with it, it’s one of the best videos we’ve seen for a while now – a real must see, check it out below.

The track comes in at just under the 5 minute mark, flexing that these guys are way passed the days of chasing radio plays with their video streaming numbers exceeding a million streams at just after the first day of its release – madness. That being said, I’m sure we’ll be hearing this on the airwaves with a radio edit, as the chorus line is hooky as the right hand of a pirate.

They have officially announced their new 6th album ‘The New Abnormal’ and frankly, we can’t wait to hear it. You can go and stream this on all major platforms now.

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