Hak Baker’s – ‘Babylon’ mixtape

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Music, Reviews

Imagine that in a parallel universe, The Roots grew up in sunny East London, and you’ll get to the sound of Hak Baker’s latest release- the ‘Babylon’ mixtape.

The mixtape is a complete different sound and vibe from the songwriters debut album, ‘Misfits’ (however both are worth a good, hearty listen and permanent spot on your playlist). 

‘Babylon’ is a mix of seemingly contrasting genres but it REALLY works. There are arguably elements of folk, dancehall, jazz and hip pop combined with the gritty and raw lyricism. The overall sound is like A.R Kane’s dream pop has time travelled into a dystopia.

Hak recently opened for Slowthai on the ‘Bet Ya a 5er’ UK tour, which ended a week before ‘Babylon’ graced us with it’s release.

The bonus track on the mixtape references Hak’s lively Thirsty Thursday parties at the Rolling Stock club in Shoreditch. Speaking from experience, Hak knows how to throw a party. From what I remember, there were several performances by different artists, mixed in with a free poorly poured pint and good people. So keep your eyes peeled this Christmas for a Thirsty Thursday courtesy of Hak Baker and make sure to BRING YA BOOZE BOOTS!