Josh Savage // ‘The Long Way Round’ – Album Review

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Music, Reviews

We discovered Josh Savage through the intimate London events company Sofar Sounds. Josh holds the accolade of playing more Sofar Sounds than any other artist, having played over 100 shows with them.

He has just released his debut album entitled ‘The Long Way Round’.

The album opens up with the track ‘Poison’, setting a lovely mood to the start of this debut, with the clean guitar parts and light pitter patter drums. Josh’s vocals come in with a soft tone, singing of a love who is no good for him but he can’t help but go back to.

Found in Mexico’ is the second track and one of the singles released. With the album title words coming in early to the lyrics, it’s easy to see why this is a highlighted song. We love the percussion that Josh uses, it’s really unique to his sound with various instruments used other than your classic drum set. The backing vocals on this track are very well constructed, in parts reminding us of a Paul Simon number.

Then follows up ‘Golden Days’. It drops the pace down and goes into more of Josh’s subdued sound. A beautiful song reminiscent of days passed, looking back at better times which really hits home right now during this pandemic we find ourselves in.

‘Skinny Dipping’ is next, a more upbeat optimistic track from Savage, and another he released as a single. This has built up a lot of momentum online and we imagine it’s getting attention from various Spotify playlists with its positivity and good vibes.

The second half of the album has four tracks that are a lot more delicate, with the exception of ‘Carry Me Home’ to which you can watch here:

The final track ‘Citizen of the World’ is a beautiful song to round off this debut release, from an artist that we expect will continue to grow from strength to strength. It speaks of the main topic of the album that is about travelling the world and how everyone is connected. Josh speaks of how he is ‘’looking for a place to call home’’. It sounds like a live recording, it’s very raw with the standup piano and a light organ accompaniment, with the buzz of the mics and the movements of the piano keys being picked up. It’s really easy to picture Josh in the studio putting this down.

If you’re in a mellow mood The Long Way Round is one to put on and kick back to. A real pleasure to listen, and an accomplishment from Josh as a debut who has spent a long time honing his craft before putting out this first record. It’s been well worth the wait.

Despite recent events, Josh will no doubt have dates coming up in the near future. Keep an eye on his socials for news on an upcoming tour later this year.

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5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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