Julia-Sophie // ‘I Left You’ – Single Review

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Music, Reviews

Julia-Sophie is dropping her second single entitled ‘I Left You’ from her forthcoming debut EP ‘Y?’. She sent it to us for review, and we really dig it so are here to write nice things. This follows on from the success of her first single ‘x0x’ which saw her get picked up by BBC Introducing along with lots of great press.

The track is atmospheric and has a spacious feel from the start, to grow into a full compliment of electronic sounds exploring the full breadth of the stereo field. Julia’s vocal becomes ethereal as it ends filled with mass effects of reverb as the song fades.

The lyrics speak of love and the mixed emotion that comes with it, the uncertainty and the hope that it is returned, ‘Do you think about me? I can’t tell if you’re dreaming of me. Do you want to waste the day with me?” It’s that level of uncertainty when you love someone and want to know as to whether the feelings are reciprocated. The chorus line becomes a torn feeling of not wanting to feel the way she does, with the lyric ”I wish that I didn’t love you, that you didn’t make my heart beat.” A powerful emotion of not wanting to feel that way because of the pain that it can cause.

The video was directed, filmed and edited by Siobhan Cox, and shows Julia-Sophie cinematically on a boat going through the emotions of turmoil, with cuts between waves crashing together. It powerfully portrays the emotions of the song with its effective use of vintage looking filters, and Julia’s impassioned performance. It is filled with non-diegetic sounds of her leaving a voicemail on her lovers phone, stating how she misses them, adding another element to the song.

Below you will find the dates that Julia-Sophie plans to perform in the London area. However, due to recent events, we’d advise you to keep a close eye on her socials for updates on whether they will go ahead.

24/03/20 London, Waterbabytv, Rye Wax Records
09/04/20 London, ROCH, Servant Jazz Quarters

”I Left You” is out on March 27th 2020 on all streaming platforms. Her EP ‘Y?’ will follow on April 22nd 2020 via cassette and all online platforms, through her Oxford-based indie label ‘Beany Tapes’.

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