MF Tomlinson // ‘Last Days of Rome’ – EP Review

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Music, Reviews

Our favourite Australian / London based artist MF Tomlinson this month released his debut EP ‘Last Days of Rome’, and we can’t stop playing it.

We first saw MF Tomlinson at a Sofar Sounds showcase show in Brixton Food Village, at the Lost In Brixton, which was a right little gem to find – tucked away upstairs.

He really stole the show for me, with the varied instrumentation and his charisma on stage. It urged me to go and listen to his stuff, and at the time he had the song ‘Nature Boy’ released which is the first track on this great EP. The flute part adds to the obscurity of his songs, but works so well. There are some telling lines like ‘That’s why they release Star Wars like seven, eight or nine times, to convince us they were good’, which as an old Star Wars fan, I vibe with this so much. 

The second track, ‘You and Me, Babe’ was the last to be released on this EP. It’s all about how you can only truly feel at home when surrounded by those you love. It’s not so much about the physical walls around you, or roof over your head, none of that matters if you don’t have those special people by your side. MF Tomlinson has stated that he wrote this specifically with his wife in mind, but has no doubt that fans will be able to relate these lyrics to the people in their lives. It’s a really sweet number this one, starting off solely with piano and later being joined by Tomlinson’s super cool vocal, throwing in a really laid back “yeah” at the beginning (you’ll know what I mean). I love the way he just effortlessly changes up an octave for the lyrics “I’m always singing about it”, in the first verse. That’s serious talent.

The title track ‘Last Days of Rome’ is the stand out song on this excellent debut EP from MF Tomlinson. This track is so good, it deserves to be acknowledged for what it is, an excellent piece of song smithing. Standing at 7minutes and 42 seconds long, you don’t want it to end.

At this point, we also have to give a shout out to Freddie Leyden here, the man behind the camera during this wonderful project. Freddie is a creative film maker making ground breaking content for the arts and culture sector. Go and check him and some of his other work out via his website –

Penultimately, we have Sum of Nothing, opening with a resplendent string introduction that quickly evolves into an upbeat track pulling together elements of jazzy horns with infectious harmonies, and hook-laden vocals. A truly brilliant piece of songwriting, with thought provoking lyrics throughout, whilst sticking to the jovial approach that is becoming trademark MF Tomlinson.

The final track Nietzche’s Day Off refers to the German philosopher Fredrich Nietzche, who left a big dent on intellectual history, though he allegedly took himself very seriously and was a stern man. This song is a play on that, where it’s his day off – as MF describes how he spends it, ‘making some mushroom tea and went tripping in the park.’ A very enjoyable piece of music, a multitude of instruments, the flute playing a strong part, with bending guitar parts and a bouncy electronic progression throughout. A great song to wrap up a superb debut release from this artist who will soon enough certainly be going places.

Despite recent events, MF Tomlinson has rescheduled a date for his show playing in London this coming August. The details can be found below.

12/08/20 London, The Lexington (grab tickets here)

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5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐